About Marek


My name is Marek Liska and I’m currently studying for BA (Hons) in Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art & Design.

This blog is documenting my explorational and learning journey throughout the 3 years of the course, as well as presenting evidence of my newly acquired skills and experiences for assessments.

Curriculum Vitae


Marek Liska
marek.fox.liska@gmail.com | 0044 7428133999


Marek Líška (b.1994, Slovakia)
Living and working in Cardiff, Wales

I’m a ceramic gardener.

I believe all matter should be considered alive and vital. Through attentive human intervention, material can be cultivated into forms that are not dominated by pure human will, but are collaboratively shaped by the world and its forces. Clay borders the organic and the inorganic. It is one of the most physically sympathetic materials, making it an ideal substrate to mutually grow.

Employing the metaphor of a gardener enables me to forefront the unpredictable and vital dimensions of clay. This method of making allows me to strike a balance between organic and artificial, the real and imagined, outdoor and domestic, human and more-than-human.

During the process of hand building I press clay into my palm, transferring lines and folds which imply veins that seek to nourish the sculpture. The sculptures are adorned with tin glaze and colourful marks that explore the essence of growth captured in botanical illustrations. I also utilise specifically made gardening tools to extend the narrative of cultivation; cast in bronze, they refer to the beginnings of human agriculture, as well as the first cultivation of minerals and metals.

 The final works explore ideas about our interaction with the world, and our role in nature.

2018 BA in Ceramics, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University – in progress
2014 BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design, Hereford College of Arts – D*D*D
2014 Arts Award Level 2 through mentorship in mediaSHYPP, Hereford
Seven GCSE A-C including A in Maths and English.

Upcoming Exhibitions
2018 Degree Show – Cardiff School of Art and Design, Wales
2018 New Designers Part 1, London
2018 Hatfield – Art in Clay, UK

Group Exhibitions
2017 ‘Growing Exhibition’ – madeinroath Festival, Wales, UK (co-curated)
2017 Ken Stradling Collection – Bristol, UK
2016 ‘Overfora’ – IKEA Cardiff, Wales, UK (co-curated)
2014 ‘Belief: An Exploration’ – St. John Methodist Church, Hereford, UK

Awards and prizes
2018 The Morgan Hall Ceramics Studentship Prize
2017 Level 5 Ceramics Award for Technical Excellence
2016 Ede and Ravenscroft academic award – highest achieving student

Residencies and other projects
2018 Ryall Hill Studios, UK
2017 LaPedrix Ceramic Studio, FR
2016 Pop up play – Forest of Plinths, Open-call group commission with budget of £1,200, Wales

Part-time jobs and Volunteering
July 2016 – August 2017 TESCO Dotcom Personal Shopper, Cardiff, UK
2011 – 2017 Various volunteering roles at festivals and fairs including: Hatfield – Art in Clay, International Ceramics Festival – Aberystwyth, Made by Hand – Cardiff, Leto v Parku – Slovakia, Hay Festival – Hay-on-Wye; as well as in Oxfam and Sue Ryder charity shops.
2012 – 2015 mediaSHYPP, Hereford – mentoring programme at charity based media company.

Available upon request


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