About Marek


My name is Marek Liska and I’m currently studying BA (Hons) Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art & Design.

This blog is documenting my explorational and learning journey throughout the 3 years of the course, as well as presenting evidence of my newly acquired skills and experiences for an assessment.

I’m originally from Slovakia so my surname “Líška” means fox. I’m child of a typical migrant family which came to the West to find better work and runaway from corrupt and careless system and mentality. However, shortly after joining my parents in the UK I seised the first opportunity to runaway again and become completely independent of my parents when I was 16 years of age; due to their extremely strong, religious feeling, and orthodox but also abundantly contradicting ideas.
This forced me to finally grow up and always push myself to try harder, be active, social and respectful, and thankful for all the people and accept them in their ways (which includes my parents too). I finally realised the beauty and fascination of the world, science, community and charity; humans, sexuality and of course, art.

Please feel free to contact me directly by e-mail: marek.fox.liska@gmail.com


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