Bottle Kiln building

A quick side project to collaboratively build a bottle kiln.
It really extended our skills in extruding clay, with careful/tight approach at beginning, but by the end we pushed the use of extruded shapes to almost collapse of the last part, and embraced the aesthetics that extruder can provide.

Due to the tight deadline and acquiring of more knowledge as we went along, we ended up making many compromises and finished with very different form than our original design.

I didn’t feel as knowledgeable enough to contribute much in the planning and making processes, but I believe non of us was very experienced in extruding and building such a large structure.
However, as we always checked up with each other on what we are about to do, and collectively decided on any (and many) changes, the building process was swift and natural.

I think I rather avoided more responsible tasks of directly joining and building the kiln and rather helped on side tasks as preparing the clay, extruding, cutting, making individual ‘bricks’ or just cleaning.


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Marek Liska

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