4D Museum visit – Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal

20160310_214217.jpgReading an extract from the First Act of play ‘The Seagull’ (1895) by Russian dramatist Anton Checkov (1860-1904), and small extract from ‘The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci’ (1452-1519) and finding a definition for the Fourth Dimension at the National Museum Cardiff.

  1. as the writing in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook states how 2 dimensional shadows give form to the 3 dimensional objects, does 3D creating 4th dimension?
    Darkness in a 3D space, building, creating emotions and responses.
    As dark aspects of a character in a play.
  2. Another observer – dystopian control from outside, above, audience, shadows. Cameras and internet traffic.
  3. Control by the shadows/darkness, unseen.
    Body by its chemical balance and subconscious mind. Irrational feelings.
  4. Hidden failure from our view, perception and expectations.
  5. Performing and mask, an extra identity. As well as 2D elements of a stage creates 3D scene of a false space.

    Cardiff Museum 4D

Icarus by Alfred Gilbert 1884

The story of Icarus would perfectly illustrate the 4th point about failure, how it’s never noticed when we are so sure of success.
With his preparation, wings, ambition, confidence and brilliance.
Sure of his successful flight for the sun, he couldn’t see any failure in the task.

Our incomplete perception is judged, processed and shaped by us and our past experiences, so often resulting in our inability to see the darkness.

As in Checkov’s play the clear lake is obstructed by the stage in front of us. Everyone “interpret[s] the same idea [or image] by different means.”

In processes of ceramics, we try to control everything, with our extended perception with readers and controllers, be sure of success from our stand point; but the reality shifts into another position, giving possibility for failure to appear.
“There’s many a slip twixed cup and lip” – an old English proverb suggesting that even if we know how something might turn up, and even if we are certain, something might still develop in an undesirable way.



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