Field: External Collaboration – Week II

Final week of collaboration with other subjects, creating and presenting our proposal of manifestation of our group manifesto.

After presenting our manifestos last week, we were asked to now manifest our group manifesto into an object, intervention, zine, poster, or any way best suitable.

It needed to represent and show our ideas and directions of the manifesto to all students of CSAD, even the world.
The group went through all the activities that could show some points of our manifesto or enrich CSAD students’ lives, with proposals such as a feedback artwall, a sort of club room, a quiet space, a quiet room to work in, a new space to socialise. Everybody wanted to contribute with something, meeting multiple of needs, and we tried to include everyone.

To link it to the first group’s shared idea, my suggestion was a garden, and to represent the point of art existing in its own realm and the hardship of making art as well as ever changing nature of it, an ambitious dome enclosing a different world a tropical paradise, would show the idea to the point.

Between the buildings of CSAD
Empty paved space between the 2 CSAD buildings

The dome garden could even house all the other ideas, making a new, shared centre for the 2 separate CSAD buildings. The empty paved space needs to be improved and be more inspiring anyway.
The new ‘Hearth Space’ would also include a new reception, cafe, gallery space as well as the first ideas.
There was plenty options to

Back of CSAD
Proposed space for my garden dome.

explore and visualise, prepare for our Monday tutorial and presentation on Tuesday.
We all decided to explore and work on one aspect of the new shared community space, with me exploring further the garden which would be at the rare side of the new space.

Set with the ideas, I took number of photos of the space so I could print them, draw and create collages of the proposed dome.20160215_143811
This proved trickier than expected, I had difficulties with perspective and drawing the dome realistically onto the paper. Collage was a better option, but it showed more of the impression of the idea.
I tried to blow some soap bubbles to see how they would adapt to the space around. The

Blowing bubbles to see how the dome could adapt to the already standing building.

metal boxes represent the 2 buildings, with the smaller one in the middle the new space that would include activities and ideas of other group members. My dome garden, or bubble would be at the end of the new building.

I wanted to imagine, and show the idea more realistically, ideally even walk around and in the space, so computer software was the only option. As it was a very quick project, with many more ongoing I had no time to install and learn some new, professional software, therefore I went for the most easiest and accessible option: Minecraft.
Not the most ideal, but the best and certainly most fun option in this scenario. It was again just a draft impression rather then design with correct perception and sizes, but this time it was possible to walk around and go in, even fly over, giving at least some idea of the viewer’s interaction with the space.

A model of the new Heart Space and complete indoor garden in Minecraft.

As we had tutorial on Monday, I had to prepare all my ideas and visualisations for presenting to the group and tutors.

My Dome proposal
My board for our tutorial.

I named the garden “Howard Gardens” as a memorial to the previous CSAD building which was occupied from 1966 until 2014. Explained how the dome was based on Buckminster Fuller’s design who was an influential architect and inventor with ambitious, futuristic ideas to make everyones life better and fuller, connecting it to the manifesto.

During the tutorial that only half of the group attended, our tutor Anna told us to focus on just one aspect of our idea, as we tried to incorporate too many, even if not best fitting.
We were advised to continue and expand my idea of the garden dome, as it was the strongest and most exciting. She was just imagining how amazing it would be to enter the school every day through a tropical paradise, and relax and meet other people, how it would connect the whole campus, as a garden is a middle ground for all the people across university’ schools. The ideas expanded to the wellbeing and health benefits of nature and plants around us, how the space between our new shiny modern buildings is just empty and dead.
Duncan gave us exciting ideas and connection with past and future, of the Crystal Palace and its influence, or the  importance of Eden project.
he suggested us to go and visit Roath Park Conservatory.

I took the soonest opportunity and went there the same day.
It was like a paradise, I wanted to stay there and live there, it was even perfect time as outside was almost freezing whereas inside was tropically warm.
The visit gave me great inside of what plants would be suitable (Pepper, avocado, banana, peace lily or many types of ferns).

When it came to produce our PowerPoint for the final presentations the following day, everybody felt rather lost due to the stripping of all the other ideas for one direction.
I had to pass all the information from the meeting to the group through Facebook chat and try and allocate roles for everyone, so everyone would have a topic and a slide to speak about at the presentation.
However, just discussing what to do dragged to the night, so we had to put the presentation together in the morning before presenting.
One person had the introduction and end, linking the presentation to our group manifesto. I had the part explaining ideas behind domes and links around greenhouses, such as how the Crystal Palace of the Great Exhibition was such a remarkable hi-tech building even for this time, and how the profits from the Expo funded the first art institute – Royal Academy of Arts and the whole art and culture in UK. A true symbol of innovation, progress, growth, ambition, art and skill.
Another slide was about health benefits of exposure to more nature and care for plants; followed by 2 people covering the community aspect of the greenhouse dome with themed interactive workshops open to anyone in the University.  Field.001.jpeg

My presenting of the slide was rather disorganised, if I need to critique myself, possibly nobody even understood my points as I completely forgot what I’m meant to talk about.
I wrote briefly what to say the night before, I just haven’t reviewed it prior to presenting.

Anyway, the overall presentation thanks to good team went with good feedback from the people saying how amazing and positive space it would be, even brightening someones day if they would walk through such space.

Overall I really enjoyed the Field experience working with people and exploring idea, that I could even link to my Subject.
I just hope and wish it would be possible to build and realise this concept in real life, on our campus.


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