3D designing bases/coasters

Using Rhino to 3D design and potentially 3D print bases for my thrown vessels.

As my exploration into my ideas for the project I want to look at new and emerging technologies and see how I could use them for my practice.
With our Techie Tuesdays lectures I had a good insight into this experimental field.

I decided to try and learn to use Rhinoceros 3D Software by making a relatively simple shape of circular bases with pillar forms, inspired by industrial structures, like cooling towers.
These object, potentially 3D printed, could carry my thrown vessels completing the look I’m exploring, as well as act like coasters.

Looking again, at Bechers’ photographs of industrial buildings and having few sketches and designs in my sketchbook, as well as measuring bases of my already thrown vessels, I decided to plunge into Rhino.

1 base 2 base
3 base 7cm

These are the first trials that came up from my play with Rhino; learning basic Rhino functions such as extrude, repeat, join, bend, etc.

I’m looking forward to produce more of them and 3D print them to see what adaptations they need.

I can vary the pillars/stilts in almost unlimited ways, as well as making the flat surface octagonal or a different shape.


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Marek Liska


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