Progress on throwing & turning skills

Throwing on and off for about 2 years, I really want to extend and perfect my skills in throwing and turning vessels in this first year project.

throwing with 1kg ball of cal

These are my latest trials in throwing with a larger, 1kg ball of clay of White St Thomas.

By this point, I found centring and pulling up the walls relatively easy, as well as centring and turning leather hard vessels.
Being so scared turning my pots before and always thinking how impossibly hard it is; by now I must say I am looking forward to turn every single vessel I throw on the wheel.
However, there was significant collapsing and failing when adapting the shape of a larger cylinder, showing me that I need plenty more practice.

trying to throw identical cups
That was after setting a small challenge of producing number of identical cups
from 400g of Ash White. Drawing the design and then using a ruler to measure the width and hight while throwing, I managed to produce 9 reasonably same cups.


This exercise was great to limit myself into a one, slightly inward curved shape, and repeat it over and over; focusing my skill to develop in areas important when throwing: controlling the hight, width, thickness of the walls, curvature, etc.

However, I still feel that I don’t have full control in ensuring the shape and size is identical, therefore I shall repeat this challenge again to be more consistent in my work.

I also turned each cup to finally learn it, therefore the result was always slightly different, not really limiting myself but rather just play and get practice in the pure timing of the leather hard stage and centring and not cutting through the walls or bases.

extruded handle
I pulled handlealso tried to apply handles onto the cups. First pulling a handle, which proved to be rather tricky, but after a few attempts the result was acceptable.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result; so I touched the extruder for the first time.
The result was even less satisfying, with the extruder disk providing too thick handles for my cups.
However, the immediacy and industrial, like a pipe or cable look was desirable, so I’ll have to look at producing my own extruder plates later.

Here are my earliest thrown object from 500g balls of Ash White and Terracotta at the beginning of this year. Always going for as thin and light walls as possible, but still rather modern, industrial and rather minimalistic look.

In the very near future I have to look more on functionality of my vessels. In their shapes as well as features such as handles, spouts and lids.
earlier throwing practice earlier throwing pieces


3D designing bases/coasters

Using Rhino to 3D design and potentially 3D print bases for my thrown vessels.

As my exploration into my ideas for the project I want to look at new and emerging technologies and see how I could use them for my practice.
With our Techie Tuesdays lectures I had a good insight into this experimental field.

I decided to try and learn to use Rhinoceros 3D Software by making a relatively simple shape of circular bases with pillar forms, inspired by industrial structures, like cooling towers.
These object, potentially 3D printed, could carry my thrown vessels completing the look I’m exploring, as well as act like coasters.

Looking again, at Bechers’ photographs of industrial buildings and having few sketches and designs in my sketchbook, as well as measuring bases of my already thrown vessels, I decided to plunge into Rhino.

1 base 2 base
3 base 7cm

These are the first trials that came up from my play with Rhino; learning basic Rhino functions such as extrude, repeat, join, bend, etc.

I’m looking forward to produce more of them and 3D print them to see what adaptations they need.

I can vary the pillars/stilts in almost unlimited ways, as well as making the flat surface octagonal or a different shape.