Health & Safety

The first point in ‘Material Alchemy’ lecture raised the importance of Health and Safety in our practice as a ceramicist.

Slips, trips and falls are the first general risks that we need to be aware of while working in CSAD. As the nature of the environment we work in is dynamic with possibilities of spillage, objects placed around and lifting heavy items; we need to be aware of the risks involved in such environment.
Although it’s a common sense, it still needs to be discussed, and not forget; being aware and clear of the hazards and proper procedures.

All the material used in ceramics are at least irritating and hazardous when exposed for a life-long time. That’s why correct procedures for each material handling should be fallowed to avoid accumulation of toxins in the body.
The most toxic and deadly substances are found in the Glaze room, which could enter the body by:



“Material Safety Data Sheets” are created for each substance to provide safe procedures when handling and working with a material; including data such as physical properties, health effects and toxicity, first aid, storage and disposal or protective equipment.
The Data Sheets can be accessed online (such as

This information gave me a notion of how important Health & Safety in my practice is, even if it sounds dull and common sense.
I’ll try my best to listen to all H&S instructions given to us at individual workshop and follow them thoroughly.
I actually find myself being interested in all the correct procedures when handling and properties of individual materials, with detailed information written down in the form of the Material Safety Data Sheet.

An example of a common Data Sheet:



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