Ronit Baranga at Dismaland

This is my ceramic inspiration Tumblr blog where I share my photographs of ceramic objects I find and briefly research, or just re-shared images I particularly like from the internet.



I have chose to study Ceramics for the same reasons as probably everyone else do – The great fascination, not only now but throughout the 1,000s years of human history, with it’s versatility, malleability and tactility.

I’m also interested in the community around clay, as it not only connects humans through time-history, but also adults and children playing with simple ready available mud, community of artists and craftsmen/craftswomen, users and producers, or patient and therapist.
Especially in ways of communicating, as even child, person with severe learning difficulties, or blind can use the material to express and communicate.

I’m very keen to explore the material, glazes applied onto it; shapes and useful designs I can create. Anticipating to explore fields such as history, archeology, geology and chemistry through this material, and continue learning about the world around me.